Muhamad Rizky Rizaldy

IMG_7549Muhamad Rizky Rizaldy was born in the 1st December of 1990, in Bogor, Indonesia. He is currently a student in Gunadarma University, majoring in Business and Management with minor in Islamic Finance and Business. In 2010, he got responsibility to hold a position as the President of Sharia Economic Forum of Gunadarma University. During his position as the President, he has successfully developed his organization became the best scientific student club in the region. He made a lot of systems that became a model for other organizations. He and his team have served thousands of Indonesian youth to empowering their potencies and emphasized the urgency of moral, leadership, and entrepreneurship. He was awarded as The Most Outstanding Student of Gunadarma University in 2011. Mid 2012, he completed his assignment for two years as the President.

He also works as an Assistant Lecturer and Researcher for The Laboratory of Capital Market and Banking Developmentin Faculty of Economics of Gunadarma University. The teaching position has given him experiences in facing a lot of people with different character and interest, it has strongly affected his leadership skill development. He was a delegate of Indonesian Youth Leaders in 3rd International Youth Leadership Conference, Dubai, April, 2013.


Rizaldy as a Delegate of Indonesia in International Youth Leadership Conference
Dubai, April 2013

Beautiful Lido lake nearby his house, at his hometown, Bogor


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